Intel Phone : Lava Xolo X900 ?

Lava Xolo X900

Lava Xolo X900

You’ve heard Lava Xolo X900 ? Intel seems to be tempted to leap into your smartphone industry. Took smartphone manufacturer in India, the chip maker will discharge Android smartphone less costly.

Mid 2013 selected Intel to launch this handset. Intel options to develop its market visibility with smartphones making use of its processors.

To entice shoppers to buy it, Intel has also fit up the worth of smartphones made by a company referred to as Lava is priced fairly affordable, beneath $ 150

Intel is stated, most of the smartphones to the industry use ARM processors. Lava Xolo X900, would after become a single from the couple of devices that use Intel processors.

Intel launched the primary handset with Lava is actually a high quality smartphone category.

For those of you who hurried drool, regrettably, thisĀ Lava Xolo X900 is going to be offered in India. You can find at the moment no programs whether the merchandise will be visited one more place or not later on.