iPassword Generator is really a free of charge, lightweight and moveable Windows app designed to create a powerful and unique password for just about every of one’s functions or on the web accounts through the keyfile you selected making use of a engineering termed Tabula recta( references: Wikipedia and Lifehacker ). Also, you might be helped to encrypt and hide your keyfile inside of any other document aided by the AES-256( Advanced Encryption Normal ) algorithm.

The primary big difference in between iPassword Generator and also other password creators is usually that, the passwords developed by it appears to be like like random strings, but they are not. The passwords is often and can only be recreated if you chosen the right keyfile and entered the appropriate password if it is really encrypted, but in the event you lost the keyfile, no one can retrieve the passwords again.

iPassword Functions

·Produce robust, protected and exceptional password which contains symbols, letters and amounts.

·Create and shop the passwords for all of your respective accounts such as Fb, Twitter, Paypal, Amazon, Pinterest, Linkedin, and so on with a single keyfile.

·Customizable password length: from 6 characters to 64 characters.

·Encrypt the keyfile with AES-256 algorithm.

·The Keyfile might be encrypted and concealed in any document( container ), if your container is really a media file in MP3, MP4, FLV, WMV format or an image document in JPG, BMP, ICO format, the container is still playable or viewable after it is appended. This implies that, you are able to hide all within your passwords in a very mp3 file and upload it to iCloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SkyDrive or Field.net, there’s nobody except your self know this magic formula.

·When you tend not to trust online password managers for example roboform and lastpass, you’ll be able to flip the password stored in their data source to a fresh password with this app.

·Help drag and drop.

·No installation wanted.


iPassword Generator functions on most 32-bit Windows systems such as Window XP, Windows 7 at the same time as Windows 8


iPassword Generator 1.0 Download Now ( size: 821KB, MD5 hash string: 4A2534A96F4A528726E047C6E02C3431 )