PlayStation 4 Specs

playstation 4 specs

playstation 4 specs

Famous electronics vendors from Japan, Sony, reportedly has plans to introduce LED XBR televisions with screens 80 inches with a resolution of 4K for playstation 4. LED XBR 80 inch is going to be the beginning of a great scheme to encourage 4K on consumer, as well as 3D technology has been driven in the industry a few years ago.

Sony’s desire to bet on the 4K as a way to attract consumers to upgrade their home entertainment devices, according to a report quoted by BGR, because the 3D technology is not much to appeal.

Sony itself has sold 4K Blu-ray player for 200 USD, and the PlayStation 4 (the next generation) mentioned would support 4K resolution playback.

Like the PlayStation 3 that support the Blu-ray, Sony PlayStation 4 has the ability to support 4K resolution media, consumers will have an incentive to upgrade to the latest 4K television. We are just waiting for the launch of PlayStation 4.




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