I Am Alive PC is coming

I Am Alive PC

I Am Alive PC

The controversy surrounding Ubisoft and PC gamers is as if it never stops. After briefly the reasons behind his often menganaktirikan this one platform, Ubisoft is coming with a new announcement that will probably be making the most of the PC gamers happy. I Am Alive, a survival-horror game that was originally planned to be exclusively for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will eventually be released for PC, six months later. Ubisoft attitude is certainly provoke controversy, especially after comments that could be released by Stanislas Mettra – the creative director in November 2011 ago.

Mettra at a time when it is open “cornering” PC gamers. He stated that I Am Alive will never be released for the PC platform until whenever because the obvious piracy there. He acknowledged the process to do a port of the console version to the PC fixed costs, and Ubisoft will lose money from the process. However, what happens? Surprisingly, an announcement that comes out of his mouth just opposite Ubisoft itself. Nearly a year had passed from this Mettra statement, I Am Alive PC confirmed to be present in September 2012. Ubisoft will add better visualization and some extra modes for I Am Alive PC.

The presence of I Am Alive PC is certainly appropriate to awaited by PC gamers.┬áIs I Am Alive PC is a kind of “peace sign” from Ubisoft for PC gamers? Or be a test to prove that the process of piracy in one platform is more popular? Whatever it is, it remains a series that deserves to be expected. Let’s wait for I Am Alive PC launching.



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