How to View the Planet Mars in Google Earth



Internet company “Google” did not want to lose from the U.S. space agency, NASA.

Through Google Earth, Google invites you to “the streets” to Mars. See how here.

NASA successfully landed a laboratory vehicle for 2.5 billion dollars, on Mars.

“The landing has been confirmed,” said the mission control at NASA’s Jet Laboratory, as reported by Channelnewsasia.

The first images sent by the lab running, is the surface of the red planet, and a serrated wheel vehicle laboratory.

The image was taken with the camera placed on the rear of the vehicle. A different picture comes into operation control room, just in a matter of seconds.

The second image shows the shadow of laboratory vehicles running on Mars. U.S. President Barack Obama assessing the success of a mission to Mars landing vehicle laboratory, an achievement the U.S. pride.

“The landing of the most advanced laboratories that had landed on the planet, marking a feat that has never happened before. This will be a milestone in American pride into the future,” Obama said in a statement.



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