Hacker Pod2g Hacked SMS iPhone Users

iphone 4

iphone 4

IOS Security level for this include the well known ‘strong’ in the face of attacks, it still has vulnerabilities that can be exploited by outsiders. A blog known hacker claims successfully hacked Apple smartphone, the iPhone.

Blog owned developer named Pod2g wrote a statement that the short messaging system or SMS on the iPhone was able to be hacked by the hackers. Pod2g claims hacked iPhone that not only can be done on one model, thus making all kinds of iPhone becomes vulnerable to broken and exploited.

Unfortunately, the blog is not written in detail how the technique that hackers can take over your iPhone SMS without the knowledge of users of the owner himself. Pod2g wrote, hackers can take control SMS so that iPhone owners can send an SMS from a distance.

News from CBS, Saturday, other hazards SMS sent by a hacker it is accepted by the users in the contact list by formal as numbers, such as 911. Even received an SMS that is sent from someone known numbers.

Of course, the hackers were able to exploit this to send a short message phishing to retrieve sensitive information or the hacker could also send fake SMS.

Apple has yet to respond on the developer blog entry claims. But this is certainly a concern for the iPhone users continue to be cautious.



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