Flashdisk Mechanical Repair & Faking

Peace binushacker friend, I will show you how to make flash is broken into until we can forge a new brand, please note that this technique the author said in 2011 in the form of videos on youtube but only now can be written. The only website in Indonesia who revealed this way is binushacker net by me, c0d3HitLER.


This technique is done with a hard format, meaning that the flash format made in total (not the usual format) as if we are programmed from the start of a computing device, completely from scratch and can not be done by just anyone.

I use the flash that obtained from the customer premises cafe writer kind enough to lend his flash and then repaired. All subject matter and software that is used already in this video.

Part 1:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9FZhFooy98

Part 2:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyl4ADiDaDA

Once you learn this you should be more aware of the flash is corrupted and sold in this country. Today can be transformed into a flash 1Gb 2Gb, abal-abal flash brands can be transformed into a class of Kingston. Not impossible to do, because first the writer never associated with a large network of forgers flash in Indonesia that the imports from other countries and now repent, if your flash can be easily damaged flash it was the work of the author, we are taught himself from the web China as disclosed in the above video is not even on the web is no way forgery, we learn it from scratch. Chinese people are good at their hardware problems, so if you want to learn as a hacker, learn from the Chinese.

This is a sample flash pictures that have been modified:

We will not show it openly for fear it would trigger the birth of new hardware counterfeiters in Indonesia. Use this time to study things that are useful, not abused. We are not responsible for the various forms of this abuse.

Originale post : hxxp://www.binushacker.net/teknik-memperbaiki-hingga-memalsukan-merk-flashdisk.html



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