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Firefox 15

Firefox 15

The level of competition browsers for computers, smartphones and tablet pc more exciting. Facing competition Mozilla has now released Firefox 15 for computers, smartphones and tablet pc. In Firefox 15 there are many features that fixes a weakness in previous versions of Firefox.

Improvements in memory footprint, as well as additional features PDF reader which was already present in Google Chrome is now present in Firefox 15. Not only that, WebGL feature enhancements, support SPDY protocol better, also a new look interface (user interface) on smartphones and tablets is on the latest version of Firefox.


Features PDF reader is a new thing for Firefox users. By default, the PDF feature is not in the active position. However, it can be activated by going to about: config and then go to settings and select disable to false.


Actually on firefox 12, has been implementing the update mozzila “background updater” on firefox browser like Google Chrome, but many users complain of pop ups on their browser when updates occur. But now it will not happen on firefox 15.


For Firefox 15, the magnitude of the problem of memory allocation for running a lot of installed browser add-on has now been resolved. As we know, the Firefox browser will run very slow when a lot of installed add-on.


SPDY additions make Firefox v3 now aligned with Google chrome which is needed to access websites that have a HTTP date. V3 SPDY useful for multiplexing, improved security in the browser, and better support mobile devices running the browser.


Firefox version 15 is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. For those who are interested can download Firefox 15 are already available on the website



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