Dead Space 3 with Weapon Crafting Feature

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

Horror, mystery, and a Necromorph is unlikely to break away from the life of Isaac Clarke granted. Fate just dragging this one character to enter into a deeper mystery Unitologist latest in the series – Dead Space 3. Survival horror game that is scheduled to release in 2013 it does offer a lot of new things, especially in terms of plot and setting are offered. Then what about the gameplay itself? Relax, you will now be equipped with a variety of weapons are more effective against all existing threats. And the best part, you are even given the opportunity to create their own.

You are already familiar with the Dead Space series, certainly familiar with Bench features already offered in the two previous series. Bench to be a modification which allows Isaac to strengthen specific aspects in any weapon he used, up to the level of accuracy of the resulting damage. For all three series, Bench will come with features that are far more qualified. Absolutely, you now have the opportunity to create a variant of the weapon you want to collect the parts that exist along the way. You can create the type of shot, the core of the weapon, to the effect that the resulting element. Wow!

No doubt about it, the presence of weapon-crafting feature is of course provide added value for Dead Space 3, behind the anticipation for the plot and setting. Collect parts and racing to create the most powerful weapon to destroy the head of the Necromorph? Count me in! Play Dead Space 3


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