Security & Arduino Workshop (Videos) !

Below, we give two presentations from the “Security & Arduino” Workshop we held in Katerini (Saturday, July 16) at 1o openSUSE collaboration weekend camp. We would like to thank the Greek community of openSUSE for filming and editing of these presentations.

We would also like to mention that the two software systems security presented has been developed / optimized considerably from the days of their presentation. Changes and the new version of the systems you can find the appropriate code repositories.

For example, in “Security Access Control (SAC) System With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)” the voice recognition is synchronized with a specified time period (Timeout) ending. For this reason, the identification could not be reached right the second time (the first and the third worked fine) physiological reason that timing was not right and we had LED utility to synchronize the operation. However, the new implementation of the system no longer requires synchronization and reduce the Timeout is not necessary. So, you at any time within the state of voice recognition to mention the secret phrase .. :)

Security Access Control (SAC) System With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

(Voice Recognition, Keypad Password, RFID Tag Code)

Wireless Devices Remote Control System With RFID Technology

(Server Control Node / Client Identification Node)



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