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How to check adsense earning via android Devices

AdSense 360

For those of you who follow the AdSense program certainly want to see revenue from the AdSense program in order to monitor how much or how far the income earned in a matter of days , months or years to know the spirit is expected to continue to increase earned income .

How to view your AdSense earnings through the Android can be done anywhere and at any time instantly without having to run the laptop for PC atu connected to the internet , simply install the application in the Android AdSense 360  of Son1c Studio . AdSense 360 application is free

How to install applications AdSense 360 as follows :

* Go to the Google Play Store then search AdSense 360

* Once installed and run

* The first time you run it will ask select the email account used to AdSense , please select the email account that has been made ??in setting up email accounts on your Android

* Once the email is determined it will immediately appear AdSense main page which is currently 360 yellow

* In the AdSense page 360 there are several sections including :
- TODAY SO FAR = view earnings today as far as we can ( in a span of seconds and hours )
- YESTERDAY = Total revenue gained yesterday
- TODAY CLICKS = The number of clicks of the day ( in a matter of seconds and hours )
- YESTERDAY CLICKS = Total clicks yesterday
- THIS MONTH SO FAR = Total income in a matter of days in the month
- LAST MONTH = Total results of the previous month

This application is quite helpful for the future and set the strategy could add to the spirit of work .

As we know Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. That allows publishers in the Google Network can automatically display the text content , images , video , and rich media ads that are targeted to website visitors , These ads are administered , sorted , and maintained by Google , and any web site owner that display ads can generate revenue SdSense that of a per – click or per-impression .


360 Mobile Security – Android Antivirus 2014

360 Mobile Security is an antivirus new entrants in the mobile world , but for a very good protection results . 360 Mobile Security gets top chart during the tests of AV – Test in 2014 , about the security reached a value of 99.9 % which is the highest value of all tested .

Best Antivirus for your Android Smartphone

If at any time you need a security application that is pretty tough and lightweight , it does not hurt if you drop the selection on 360 Mobile Security . But the 360 applications Mobile Security does not have a lot of extra features , like those in most other anti-virus applications .

Even more interesting than the 360 ??Mobile Security This app is not only able to detect any virus threat , but is able to detect and rectify the shortcomings of the system also makes cleaning applications that slow the performance of your Android smartphone . If you are interested in this application , you can download it at Google Play and certainly available for free .


Blackberry Messenger Android and IOS Download Free

Good news for those of you who love to chat, because now there is an application for Blackberry Messenger via Mobile or smartphone with android os.


OFFICIAL version of the BlackBerry BBM ™ now comes to Android . Get free BBM app for the best way to remain connected with friends and family . Download now .
Chatting with friends on Android , BlackBerry , and iPhone :
• Fuel is always on and always connected – there are no applications that need to run
• Know when the message was sent ( D ) and the read ( R )
• Share photos, files , documents , voice notes , and other
• Know when contacts answer your message
• Emoticons for every mood and emotions so that you can express yourself

BBM let you protect your privacy . You have control :
• You choose how to share your information – BBM PIN instead of using the phone number or email address so that the more private , and you always control who can contact you
• You select your contacts – 2 -way confirmation means you have control over who can send you messages
Chatting and Sharing with many people at once :
• Group – Group BBM helps you share pictures , lists , and appointments with members of the group . You can even be in a group with people who do not exist in your BBM contact list .
• Chat many people – Invite multiple contacts to chat with .
• Broadcast messages – Send messages to multiple contacts at the same fuel .
Create your BBM profile :
• Display the profile photo to use images, photos , or even animated images ( GIFs ) .
• Update your status so others know what is being done or how you feel
Download free fuel these days .

Well if you want to have applications BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for Android, please download via the link below:

Blackberry Messenger ANDROID

Blackberry Messenger IOS


AccuWeather The Forecaster For Android And IOs

AccuWeather The Forecaster for Android and IOs

AccuWeather The Forecaster for Android and IOs

Lately the weather is uncertain. Felt the need for weather detection equipment is very helpful. If you have an Android, iPhone, or iPad then there is an application that is well suited to be able to see the weather, ie AccuWeather!

AccuWeather is a weather application with a cool 3D view, with day and date, wind speed, compass and also the location you are. Not only that this can be done AccuWeather, you also can see the weather in another location just in case if you’re in the mood jolly picnic with family or traveling far.

Download AccuWeather Android

Download AccuWeather iPhone

Download AccuWeather iPad

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Update KakaoTalk For Android Launched



The development team cross-platform messaging service from South Korea, KakaoTalk has just announced that it has updated its services. Where, application messaging is now more visual displays.

The chat application for Android devices come with features chatroom UI and features of the ‘Edit’ better. Similarly Sofptedia quoted on Thursday (12/12/2013).

According to the developers, chatroom menu (including a photo) has been moved to an area of ??the keyboard. Interestingly, a new theme featuring a cute winter also presented.

No more keyboard error appears again in KakaoTalk. Well, those of you who want to postpone the renewal KakaoTalk, can directly download it now. The application is also fully compatible with the operating system Android 2.1 and above.

Download KakaoTalk Android here


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